Brodie + Laini


Meet Laini and Brodie, the architects of surprise! Their wedding journey took an unexpected turn, starting as an engagement party and then flipping the script to leave their guests in awe.

You can read more about how they nailed the surprise factor in this year’s copy of the Culture Hitch mag, but for now – Let’s rewind to their big day, where relaxation and being in the moment were the secret ingredients to their magical celebration.

How did they meet?

The stars aligned on the long weekend of March 2016 when Brodie and Laini’s paths finally crossed. Despite a bit of a dance around each other beforehand, fate stepped in, and they found themselves in the same orbit. Little did they know, their friends were already clued in on this connection, quietly nodding to the universe that these two were indeed a match made in heaven.

The proposal story.

Ohhhh, get ready for it. It was a seemingly ordinary Friday night, with Brodie wrapping up a busy workday while Laini tended to their daughter’s bedtime routine at home. Little did she know, this night would take the most beautiful twist. Brodie suggested a spontaneous drive, catching Laini’s curiosity. As they ventured towards Mt Alexander, Brodie mentioned that he wanted to take her to a lookout, a spot he’d often visited with a friend on his Harley.

The surprise continued when, upon reaching the breathtaking vista, Brodie handed Laini a note: “Mummy, will you marry Daddy?” With their daughter as the adorable accomplice, Brodie dropped to one knee, creating a picture-perfect moment against the stunning backdrop. The stars aligned on that mountaintop, and with a heart full of love, Laini said “yes” to a proposal that was nothing short of Friday night magic.

We’re sensing a trend of spontaneity with these two!

Fav part of the day?

Laini couldn’t pick just one favorite moment—it was all too extraordinary! Every minute of the day, from sunrise to the last dance under the stars, held a special place in her heart. The love, the laughter, the shared glances—each detail made her wedding day an endless reel of cherished memories. Now that’s what we call savoring every precious second!

Advice for couples planning their wedding.

“Take a deep breath, relax, and immerse yourselves in the moments as much as possible”. Amidst the whirlwind of planning, it’s easy to get swept away, but Laini and Brodie encourage couples to savor the journey. So, future lovebirds, take a cue from this dynamic duo—let go of the stress and let your wedding day unfold with the ease and excitement it deserves

How did Culture Hitch help?

“I did, it was the first place I came to when the planning began. It was so, so helpful and inspiring!”

Tell us about your vendors!

“Our Vendors were all absolutely amazing. They worked with short time frames and every one of them did an outstanding job of making our day beautiful!”


Photographer |

Videographer |

Dustin Schilling Film & Design

Ceremony Venue |

the Goldmines Hotel

Reception Venue |

the Goldmines Hotel

Bridal Apparel |

Veil/Headwear |

Grooms Apparel |


Bow Ties/ Ties |


Hair Styling |

Bonny Schilling Hairdresser

Make Up Artistry |

MK Make up artist

Rings/Jewellery |

Michael Hill & pearls of my mothers that my father gave her

Wedding Cake |

Dil Cakes

Stationery/Signage |

Entertainment |

Boh Dower

Hire Items |

Celebrant/Officiant |

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