Married by Georgia

I’m a firm believer that your ceremony doesn’t have to be the boring thing that everybody has to sit through so that they can get to the reception – Your ceremony sets the vibe for the rest of your day!
I landed the best job in the world when my mum asked me to officiate her ceremony (I guess they DO always know best huh?!), and since then I’ve been hitching lovers all around the Vic countryside most weekends. I’m invested in you two and your day, and by the time you’re married we’re gonna be besties. Not soz #unprofessionallyattached.

You want fun? Let’s do it.
You want romantic? Let’s do it.
You want to include your dog? LET’S DO IT.

It’s your day, and it’s about nobody other than you and your honey – so lets celebrate it your way.

* Photos by Ash Hughes Photography, Ildiko Photography, Alicia Fleg Photography, Mel Panteli Photography, Whites + Woods, Justin and Jim and Two Oceans Photography

Located in Bendigo, Victoria
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