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It almost seems unfair being put under so much pressure to get your big day “just right” when you’ve never planned a wedding before.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by options and you’re struggling to make choices, you might have wondered if there’s a way you could book just 1 vendor and have everything handled.

If so, we’re here for you! Keep reading to find out how our unique services will make your dream wedding come true WITHOUT the stress normally involved… you’ll also find out about a very special gift we’d like you to have which you won’t want to miss!

Hi, my name is Ella, and the good news is, Tess and I aren’t just wedding stylists – we’re also wedding planners!

You’re not alone if you’re stressing out – most brides do, but unfortunately, they totally underestimate how hard it gets, especially with all the “unknown-unknowns” they could never have imagined.

We can plan your wedding, walk you through these unknowns, and fix any problems that pop up along the way.

If you book us as your wedding planner, here’s how we’ll be of service:

UNLIMITED ASSISTANCE CALLS: If you’ve wanted open access to someone who can guide you at every step of the way and help solve any wedding-related problems you’re going through both now and in the future, stress no more – we’ll guide you by the hand with any decisions you need to make so you’re not alone in a time of need, anxious with the decisions you make.

RISK-REDUCTION WITH VENDORS: A huge stress-reliever, we’ll recommend vendors based on your wedding’s specific styling and many other needs. This will be from our shortlist of the most reliable vendors we’ve worked with who can be trusted to do amazing jobs!

WEDDING PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT: Your mood board, style guide, floor plan, timeline, guest list, seating plan, wet weather plan, and everything else from A to Z will be handled by us with final approval from you, and a BIG perk appreciated by many brides is that we’re your main contact with all your vendors (this saves you from an overwhelming amount of vendor messages and decision making in the final weeks and prevents a lot of confusion!)

NO TEDIOUS PLANNING – ONLY THE “FUN STUFF”: All that tough stuff you could never have known about as this is your first wedding will be handled by us. We’ll provide guidance and suggestions as you make the executive decisions on the fun stuff (hello wedding decor and style, dress planning, and food and drink choices to name just a few!)

5 CATEGORIES OF DESIGN, DECOR, AND EXPERIENCES: On top of planning and styling services, our speciality in hire items are high-class bespoke designed furniture that can’t be found anywhere else. We also offer unique décor, faux florals, boutique balloons, and lawn games (these are great fun and are SUPER popular!) Please note that you DON’T need to book us as planners or stylists to hire anything out!


The bottom line?

No more guesswork, a lot less stress, less time commitment, we’ll handle most of the tedious and time consuming planning, and you’ll stay within your set budgets while making your dream wedding exceed all expectations.

Sound like we can help? If so, you’re welcome to find out more and get all your wedding questions answered through a Studio Experience.


The Studio Experience for weddings is an information session (with tea and biscuits!) designed to help you find your next step based on your unique needs. You’ll find out:

-Regrets many brides had, and how to avoid them yourself…

-Ways to make your wedding more relaxed and fun…

-What you SHOULDN’T cut costs on, no matter what…

-How to avoid a long list of “unknown-unknowns” that could result in wedding disaster…

-And most importantly:

We’ll listen carefully to the challenges you’re currently going through with the focus of providing experience-based advice on what your next steps might be.

This is not a sales session. That’s our promise to you.

You can attend without spending a single cent and finish your session feeling like you’ve gotten hundreds of dollars worth of info, saving you days, even weeks of time and stress with a map of what you need to do next.

If you do think we’d be a good fit and there are paid services you need, we can discuss it further in the studio, but that’s entirely your choice.

If you’re interested in getting those need-to-know facts about weddings, just fill in the form saying you’d like to book a Studio Experience, and don’t forget to mention you’ve come from Culture Hitch too!

Hope to hear from you soon.


Ella Neivandt
Owner of 99 Luft Events

Located in Bendigo, Victoria
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