Daisy + Pine

Hey there! I’m Carolin and I take photos – of sunsets, my dogs and people in love.

You might ask yourself, what makes me different from all the other wedding photographers out there? (Except for my slight addiction to chai latte)

I would say it’s my unique approach to capturing moments that show your personality and relationship in the most authentic way possible. I want your pictures to show ‘you’, the way you really are. It’s super important to me to get to know you guys before I’m third-wheeling on your special day, because I genuinely believe in documenting photographs that matter to you.

When I look back at pictures from my childhood, my favourites are the ones that are in the moment, no one looking at the camera, as if it’s not even there. Me smiling at my grandpa, holding his face. It gives me a warm feeling in my stomach and tears in my eyes. You only ever realise how precious a moment is when it’s gone.

Which is why my photos aim to reflect the unique connection between people, emotional and raw. I will take photos of everyone smiling at the camera, the ones for the wall. But I will also take photos when everyone forgets about it, the ones for the heart.

Located in Bendigo, Victoria
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