Bonnie + Harry


Bonnie and Harry’s wedding was nothing short of a love-filled Wedfest extravaganza that unfolded over an entire weekend. Nestled in the scenic embrace of Harry’s parent’s private property in Bridgewater, the celebration allowed guests to immerse themselves in the festivities by offering the option of glamping. Underneath the green canopies of gum-trees along the river, the glamping tents added a touch of magic to the landscape. With the expert guidance of their incredible wedding planner, Georgey from Hosted, every detail of this festival of love was curated to perfection—fun, bright, bold, and sparkly. Add in some top-notch vendors from Bendigo, this dream day turned into a reality that surpassed all expectations.

How did they meet?

Cue the high school nostalgia because Bonnie and Harry’s love story began at a mutual friend’s house party. Despite initially being just friends for a couple of years (much to Harry’s playful dismay), their paths took an interesting turn after graduating from year 12.

Bonnie embarked on a gap year overseas, but distance couldn’t dull the connection. They stayed connected through messages, maintaining their friendship the entire time. It wasn’t until Bonnie’s return, marked by a spontaneous kiss after yet another friend’s party, that they decided they were a bit more than just friends. And so, from that unexpected smooch, Bonnie and Harry ventured into the world of love, evolving from friends to partners—and the rest is a beautiful history that continues to unfold every day!

The proposal story.

Ah, let the holiday magic unfold! It was two days before Christmas in 2022 when Harry orchestrated the proposal that would become a cherished chapter in Bonnie and Harry’s love story. The stage was set at Harry’s parents’ farm, the very same spot that would later host their beautiful wedding. Under the guise of “drinks” and “setting up” for the joint Christmas celebration with both families, Harry smoothly steered Bonnie into the romantic narrative he had carefully crafted.

The unsuspecting Bonnie soon found herself on a walk towards the river, the picturesque backdrop for what was about to unfold. With a box peeking out of his back pocket, Harry’s nerves were palpable.  As the sun dipped below the horizon, Harry dropped to one knee, and Bonnie, realizing this wasn’t just any walk, said a resounding “yes!”. All of the heartfelt exchanges followed, as they watched the sun set at their favorite place in the world. Little did Bonnie know, Harry’s parents and siblings were in on the secret, patiently waiting inside with champagne and flowers to celebrate the newly engaged couple as they returned!

Fav part of the day?


Bonnie and Harry’s wedding day unfolded like a symphony of love and joy, with a medley of magical moments that left hearts brimming with happiness. Let’s dive into the highlight reel:

  • The first look at the spot where they got engaged, with their wedding party in tears in the background, set the emotional tone for the day.
  • Bonnie, feeling a bit awkward during her aisle walk, decided to break the ice by waving and lifting her flowers for a celebratory “WOOO!”—a moment met with cheers and claps from their delighted guests.
  • The wedding party’s grand entrance stole the show, with surprises ranging from shots of Fireball to costume changes and choreographed dances. A Beyoncé moment with “Crazy in Love” and a spontaneous dance party added an extra layer of magic.
  • Harry’s dad’s speech and toast, featuring a bottle of Dom Perignon from 1996 (the year they were both born), became a poignant and exquisite moment.
  • A dance floor filled with father/daughter duos after the speech added a special touch, with uncles, cousins, brothers, and in-laws joining in the celebration.
  • The serendipitous full moon on their wedding night peeking out behind the clouds during their first dance added an extra layer of enchantment.
  • The musical entertainers, a violinist and a DJ/saxophonist, collaborated seamlessly during a crossover, creating an electrifying fusion of melodies that marked a standout highlight.

Advice for couples planning their wedding.

First and foremost, trust your vendors! These pros know the ropes, so give them some guidelines and then let them work their magic.

The vibe you set as the bride and groom is the heartbeat of the day—so be relaxed, have the time of your lives, and let the love flow.

And here’s a little secret: take those precious moments throughout the day to soak it all in with your new spouse. Yes, everyone says the day goes by in a flash, but if you’re present and connected to each other, you’ll savor every magical moment even more.

How did Culture Hitch help?

“I took inspiration from other couple’s weddings and hunted through the directory to see all the amazing work of our wedding vendors.”

Tell us about your vendors!

There really were a tribe of wedding suppliers involved in this celebration, working their magic both behind the scenes and in front of guests. Here’s just a little sneak into Bonnie and Harry’s appreciation:

  • Judah Rose: Breathtakingly beautiful flowers that were more like artwork, perfectly capturing the essence of their pink and red theme.
  • Atelier Creative: Custom-designed signage that seamlessly blended into the theme and added a touch of magic.
  • Whites and Woods (Christian): Captured the most stunning photos of their day, impressing with the speed and quality of the edits delivered the very next day.
  • In the Vines (Linc): A dedicated photographer who was present at every special moment, ensuring no memory went uncaptured.
  • Ashley Morales Makeup: Brought the glam vibes and fun to the morning of the wedding.
  • Married by Georgia (Georgia): A top-notch celebrant who brought professionalism and relaxation to their perfect ceremony.
  • 99 Luft: Attention to detail that went above and beyond, leaving every seat and plinth sparkling clean.
  • Evangeline Victoria Music and Robbie Pollack: An ethereal musical experience and a DJ who kept the dance floor alive all night.
  • Boss Bar Hire: A hit with their bar caravan and a margarita keg that delighted the guests.
  • Going Gourmet: Served up delicious canapes and shared mains that earned rave reviews.
  • Sweet Peach: Crafted the most amazing wedding cake, both visually stunning and absolutely delicious.
  • Twilight Glamping: Executed the setup and pack-down of their bell tent village to perfection.
  • Elderberry Event Hire: Provided furniture, festoon lighting, and a dance floor that exceeded all expectations.
  • Stevi-Dee Alexander: Turned into a guest after doing hair for the bride and bridesmaids.
  • Hosted (Georgey): Worked tirelessly and exceeded expectations at every turn, ensuring the day was nothing short of perfection.



Photographer |

Videographer |

Florist |

Ceremony Venue |

Property in Bridgewater

Reception Venue |

Property in Bridgewater

Bridal Apparel |

Veil/Headwear |

Anna Campbell

Grooms Apparel |

Grant Rule Menswear

Bow Ties/ Ties |

Grant Rule Menswear

Groomsmen Apparel |

Grant Rule Menswear

Hair Styling |

Hair by Stevi-Dee

Make Up Artistry |

Rings/Jewellery |

Australian Diamond Company
Stearns Showcase Jewellers

Caterer/s |

Going Gourmet

Bar Service |

Boss Bar Hire

Wedding Cake |

Favours/Gifts |

Handmade candles by Bonnie’s sister!

Stationery/Signage |

Entertainment |

Evangeline Victoria Music
Robbie Polack DJ

Hire Items |

99 Luft Events 
Hear Me Out Audio
Elderberry Event Hire


Wedding Decor |


Celebrant/Officiant |

Wedding Planner |

Georgey from Hosted

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