BFF Wedding morning bliss

The hours leading up to your wedding ceremony ae perfect for creating lasting memories with your best friends. Whether you’re sipping champagne, sharing stories, or simply enjoying one another’s company, these moments will be cherished for years to come. The laughter, heartfelt conversations and fun are all moments that are woven into the lasting memory of your wedding day. So prepare yourself for the ultimate inspo on creating a space to do just that!

The luxurious pool at Ravenswood Homestead was the perfect setup. The pool was glistening in the sunshine, the excitement was high, and everyone was ready to go!

To help us set the vibe, Jess White Photography and Directors Edge were ready to roll, capturing the moments of our girlies together from the big cheers and champagne sprays, to the one on one moments shared.

From the balloons cascading from the roof of the Bali hut and into the pool, to the lounges and bar for the delicious spread, 99 Luft Events knew all the special touches to create a truly eye catching space. Add a DELICIOUS lunch spread by none other than Nosh and Bevvy, and we’re not really sure there’s anything else you need to make your morning complete, other than some cookies by local cookie extraordinaire Crumb and Dough

Dressed in their matching pyjama sets with slippers and sunglasses by That Classy Gal, Carly and her bridesmaids indulged in some well-deserved pampering from their spectacular team of hair and makeup artists, and settled in for a morning of creating lasting memories.

Be inspired to create a space that sets the stage for the beautiful moments that lie ahead, both big and small.


Videographer |

Catering |

Cookies |

Makeup Artist for Zoe + Georgia: |

Makeup Artist for Jess + Taylah |

Hair Stylist for Carly, Maddie + Mercedes |

Photographer |

Furniture, Styling and Balloons |

Pyjamas, robes, slippers + sunnies |

Makeup Artist for Carly + Mercedes |

Makeup Artist for Maddie |

Hair Stylist for Zoe + Taylah |

Hair Stylist for Jess + Georgia |