Jess White Photography

Wedding photography is my first love; the people, the places, the outfits, the flowers. The grand events and the small intimate gatherings. The traditions and the modern romantics, every time I see love and the beauty of a celebration I feel the future getting brighter. Your wedding day is a moment that begins a new phase, that continues to grow a relationship and is valued by your amazing people. As a wedding photographer, I’m always looking for dreamy backgrounds, natural smiles, special light and moments of connection.

Your job is to create the memories, my job is to capture them. I will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. I will talk (you’ve been warned) and tell you jokes! I will always try and convince you to have your photos at golden hour. I will talk to your aunties and get beautiful photos of your friends. I will make funny sounds to make your kids smile or your doggies look at me. I will make you walk through the paddock to get the shot! But ultimately, your photography will be a fun experience and part of of great day.

Your story is important, your story is beautiful I can’t wait to be there to capture it.

Located in Bendigo, Victoria
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