Jess White Photography

Jess White Photography is based in Bendigo and loves being able to choose from all the beauty that Central Victoria has to offer. The skies are blue and the places to photograph are many up here. The best part about being based in Central Victoria is that is has, and attracts, the best people, those that are easy going and relaxed, know their style and are connected to their people.

Weddings are the ultimate, a full day to feel and be a part of something magical; a day that will never happen again. There are so many details that make them amazing, there are so many people that are involved. I love that through my work I can capture the feelings of the day and put it together in a story to be told time and again.

The story doesn’t stop at weddings though, and as your life changes new memories are made, new milestones reached, new gorgeous humans created. All these moments pass in a blink, and I’m lucky enough to click and capture them.

I still can’t sleep the night before a wedding, I’m still excited to see the small toes of a newborn, I’ll never grow tired of hearing and seeing the stories that you are telling.

I work hard to make sure that you time and investment is valued. I pride myself on being an easy person to talk to and hang out with. My commitment to you is that I’m always working to deliver the best quality experience and product.

Located in Bendigo, Victoria
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