Your BFF’s Guide to Posh Wedding Prep

One of the most fun-filled parts of wedding planning is getting ready with your besties on the morning of your big day. At Chateau Dore, we recently had a styled shoot centred around the girls getting ready for the wedding and enjoying a delicious brunch spread together. This shoot captured the beauty and excitement of pre-wedding prep, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Rock Those Robes and Personalized Gear by That Classy Gal

Alright, let’s talk about leveling up your bridal squad goals- comfort and looking drop-dead gorgeous is where it’s at for the big day prep. Imagine you and your girls, all dolled up in these super cute robes and personalized shirts from That Classy Gal. Oh, and let’s not forget the fluffiest slippers ever – like walking on clouds. And those heart sunglasses? Absolute vibe.

These goodies aren’t just about looking fab in your pre-wedding pics (though, trust, you’ll look stunning). It’s about feeling relaxed, pampered, and totally in the moment with your besties. You’re all lounging around, sipping on mimosas, rocking these uber-cool robes and shirts, and just soaking in the excitement of what’s coming. It’s those little details that That Classy Gal nails so perfectly, making you feel like you’ve stepped into some exclusive VIP bridal club.

And it’s not just about the glam. These pieces are keepsakes, honey. Every time you see that personalized shirt or those cute slippers post-wedding, you’re gonna be hit with a wave of those warm, fuzzy feelings from your special day. Plus, they make for some seriously adorable group pics. So, if you wanna bring that extra touch of sass and class to your morning prep, these items are pretty much a no-brainer. It’s all about starting the day feeling as fabulous on the outside as you do on the inside.

Brunch Goals with Gather Grace

Let’s chat about the game-changer of our bridal prep fiesta, brought to us by the wizards at Gather Grace. This wasn’t just any ol’ snack table; it was a grazing table masterpiece that looked like it popped straight out of a Pinterest board. Picture this: an array of fresh fruits that looked so juicy and inviting, you’d wanna take all the Instagram snaps before diving in. And the pastries? We’re talking about flaky, buttery goodness that melts in your mouth, the kind that makes you forget all about keeping your lipstick intact. This table wasn’t just food; it was a vibe, setting the tone for the whole morning.

The best part? It keeps everyone mingling, laughing, and indulging without a care in the world. Our girls were grazing like there was no tomorrow, filling their plates (and hearts) with all the tasty treats and sipping on those gorgeous drinks. A brunch spread from Gather Grace brought the luxury and fun of brunch right to our getting-ready session. It felt like our girls were stars in their own glam brunch reality show, minus the drama and with all the bliss.

So, imagine starting your big day not just surrounded by your favourite people but also treating your taste buds to a feast they won’t forget. That’s the kind of morning magic Gather Grace brought to the table. Literally.

Setting the Scene with The Event Quarter

Okay, so we’ve got our cozy robes, our brunch situation is on point, but hold up, we’re not quite done turning this pre-wedding scene into something out of a fairytale. Enter The Event Quarter, our heroes in disguise, bringing in those faux florals and chic backdrop that legit made our space into a dream. We’re talking ultra-realistic blooms that had us doing double takes. Peonies, roses, you name it, they had it, and it was all faux but oh-so-fabulous. It was like walking into a dream garden, minus the sneezes for our allergy-prone friends.  

The Event Quarter totally nailed the vibe, just like they can do for you. They transformed our getting-ready space into this lush, comfy haven that made us feel all kinds of special.

Glam Squad Magic

Okay, so we’ve been all about the glam squad goals, right? The morning of your wedding isn’t just about what you’re rocking or munching on; it’s also about that glow-up magic. Enter our makeup and hair legends – Glamour & Co and Kristie Hedington. These folks? Pure wizards. They had us looking like we stepped out of a fairytale, with makeup so on point, it could probably last through a marathon of happy tears and all-night dancing.

But wait, it gets even more fab. Our hair game was on a whole new level, thanks to Hair & Halo, Hair Gaga, and yep, Kristie Hedington doing double duty. These stylists weren’t playing around. We’re talking insta-worthy updos, waves that lasted days, and styles that had us feeling all kinds of royal. Like, if there were a crown involved, no one would question it.

The vibe? Think of it as your own personal glam squad, right there, making sure every hair is perfectly placed and your makeup is nothing short of stunning. It was less of sitting in a chair getting dolled up, more like hanging with your most talented friends who just happen to make you look like a million bucks.

So, when you’re piecing together your squad for the big day, don’t sleep on choosing the right makeup and hair pros. ‘Cause let us tell ya, having a team like ours? It’s the cherry on top of an already perfect day. You’ll not only look amazing, but you’ll feel unstoppable. And isn’t that exactly the vibe we’re all going for?

Capture the Memories

Oh, snap! Now we’re hitting the heart of it all – capturing those irreplaceable moments with your bride tribe. Jess White, Directors Edge, and the hilarious content queen Memories with Becky? Yeah, they’re the dream team turning your getting-ready gig into an epic memory fest. Picture this: you’re all dolled up in That Classy Gal glam, laughing over mimosas, and these wizards are there catching every giggle, every glittering eye, and those spontaneous dance breaks. Because, let’s be real, what’s a wedding morning without a little boogie, right?

It ain’t just about posing and smiling though; it’s the candid shots, the TikToks that get everyone talking, and those videos that make you feel like you’re reliving the moment all over again. And these pros? They’ve got the magic touch. Think of Jess snapping that perfect moment when you’re all cheering, Directors Edge rolling as you’re spritzing champagne like it’s a music video, and Becky making those TikToks that’ll have you trending before you even say “I do.”

These moments are the gold dust of your wedding day – the raw, real, joy-filled vibes that you’ll wanna bottle up and keep forever. And thanks to these camera-wielding geniuses, you can. So, let loose, laugh hard, and let them do their thing. ‘Cause when you’re looking back at these pics and vids, trust, you’re gonna be feeling all those feels all over again. And isn’t that just the best way to kick off your forever?

Model Behaviour

So, about the squad that totally slayed this shoot? Georgia, Alex, Gracie, Amanda, Paris, and Erin were all about that fun life, making every moment a blast. These ladies weren’t just posing; they were living it up, munching on all the fancy snacks, popping champagne like it’s a party, and diving into the Culture Hitch mag for those extra spicy wedding tips. It’s like they took the whole “enjoy your day with your besties” to a whole new level.

Their vibe? Infectious.
Their laughs? Contagious.

They rocked those That Classy Gal pieces like they were born for it, making every look seem effortless yet totally on point. And let’s not forget how they owned those TikTok dances – Becky would be proud. Watching them was like peeping into what your dream wedding morning could be, filled with joy, jokes, and all those juicy moments that make you wish it could last forever. These gals showed us how it’s done, turning a styled shoot into a sneak peek of your future best day ever. Talkin’ ’bout model behaviour, these ladies set the bar sky-high for how to kick off your wedding day with nothing but smiles, style, and a sprinkle of sass.


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