Yeah the girls – A wow- worthy reception that all your friends will enjoy

If you’re all about wedding planning and looking for some serious wedding inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! We recently had a styled shoot at the stunning Chateau Dore that will make you want to say “I do” all over again. From the amazing catering to the gorgeous dresses and the fun photobooth, this shoot was all about creating memories with that will last a lifetime. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and get ready to be wowed!

Catering That’s a Cut Above

Oh, get ready for your taste buds to do a happy dance! Gather Grace totally killed it with their catering setup at 99 Luft’s Bar. We’re talking a lineup of treats that had both the sweet and savory lovers doing a double-take. Imagine all the yumminess you can dream of, all laid out so you can’t help but go back for seconds… or, let’s be real, thirds. Talk about a foodie’s paradise. And the vibe? Total extravagance, without being stuffy. It felt like every bite was a new adventure, and honestly, who wouldn’t want that kind of epic food journey at their wedding? Gather Grace is absolutely your go-to for turning up the wow factor with food that’ll have everyone talking long after the party’s over.

Setting the Scene

The crew at 99 Luft Events seriously know how to create a vibe. Their white wave wall that legit made us feel like we were vibing in a chic, dreamy paradise. It wasn’t just about looking good (though, trust, it did); it was about crafting this whole atmosphere that screamed ‘ultimate wedding goals’. They decked out the place with wine barrel cocktail tables that were positioned just close enough to that amazing bar filled with food, and those lawn games? Absolute hit. It turned the whole day into this playful yet elegant affair that had everyone laughing and having a blast. They’ve got this knack for styling spaces that just make you wanna celebrate and let loose. Walking into the scene they created felt like stepping into a perfectly curated wedding Pinterest board come to life. Absolute magic.

Capturing the Moment

Every single moment was captured so beautifully on photo and film by Daisy + Pine, along with Kimberley Moore Media respectively, it’s like they turned the whole day into an art gallery of love and laughter. And let’s not forget the epic TikToks Memories with Becky whipped up – talk about capturing the vibe in the most fun way possible! It was all about those perfect shots that make you stop and say, “Wow, that’s going straight to the ‘gram.” These pros didn’t just take photos and videos; they bottled up the whole essence of the day, giving us something to look back on and giggle or go all dreamy-eyed over. It’s like they had this magical ability to be everywhere at once, snagging all the candid smiles and sneaky kisses. Pure talent, if you ask us.

Dress to Impress – Bridal and Guest Attire

Let’s dive into the fashion game because, oh boy, did it shine at this shoot! Jaz, our bride, totally slayed in a bridal mini dress designed and created by Hayley Maree Couture that screamed chic and fun all at once. And can we talk about her squad? Alex, Gracie, Amanda, and Georgia were rocking those dresses from One Night Only like they were born to. I mean, they didn’t just show up; they showed out, making every snap Insta-worthy. It’s like they took the whole vibe of the day and wrapped it up in the most gorgeous fabrics. You could tell they were feeling themselves, and why wouldn’t they? When your outfit is on point, it’s like you’re walking on air. So, if you’re dreaming up your bridal look and what your crew will rock, think bold, think beautiful, and then think about giving Hayley Maree Bridal and One Night Only a peek!

Glam Squad Goals – Makeup and Hair

It’s time to talk about the glow-up situation that went down thanks to our glam squad. Glamour & Co always on point on the makeup front and Hair & Halo with the hairdos were just, ugh, everything. Picture this: flawless faces, eyeshadow popping, and hairstyles that made you wanna snap a pic and show it to your stylist like, “Make me look this good on my day, please!” They turned our bridal party into absolute visionaries. Like, they walked in cute, but strutted out looking like they were about to grace the cover of a high-end wedding mag. It was all about enhancing that natural beauty, making sure each of our girls felt like a million bucks without covering up what makes them, well, them. With brushes and combs as their wands, these magicians spun everyone into gold. Legit, if you’re aiming for that “just stepped out of a fairytale” vibe, getting a team like ours on board is a no-brainer.

Fun Times in a Flash

Bendigo Photo Booth is always a game changer for your reception, and they brought that 360 photobooth action making everyone feel like a celeb. Picture it: you and your squad, spinning around, capturing those laugh-out-loud moments and those cute, cozy vibes from every angle. It’s like, one second you’re posing with your bestie, and the next, you’re grabbing those silly props to snap the funniest pic of the night. This thing is like a magnet – pulling folks in left and right for their turn to shine. No lie, it’s the kind of fun that keeps the party buzzing and gives you those instant keepsakes that you’re gonna wanna spam everyone’s feeds with. Because, let’s face it, when you’ve got a photobooth this cool, not sharing is basically a crime. Making memories in a flash never looked so good.

Decor That Speaks Volumes – From Bouquets to Signage

Okay, so let’s dive into the whole decor scene ’cause it seriously deserves its own standing ovation. The florals of autumnal tones by Judah Rose looked like it was straight out of an autumn fairy tale – we’re talking colors that pop and vibes that don’t stop. And then, Atelier Creative comes in swinging with signage that’s so on point, it’s like they read our minds. It’s not just any signs we’re talking about; it’s those chic, Instagram-worthy pieces that make you wanna take a photo with every. single. one. And you know what? The tunes from Josh Dearaugo just tied it all together like the perfect bow on the best present ever. His music floating through the air was like the cherry on top of the vibe sundae we were all indulging in. Every detail, from petals to pointers, was whispering “this is how you do an unforgettable wedding.”

Sweet Treats to Top It Off

Alright, let’s get into the sweet deets of dessert time because Sweet Peach came through with a pink wedding cake that was straight-up #weddinggoals. This wasn’t just any cake; it was like the centrepiece of the party, looking all pretty and pink and making everyone’s dessert dreams come true. You know how sometimes you see a cake so gorgeous you almost don’t wanna eat it? Yeah, this was that cake. But then you take a bite, and OMG, it’s like a flavor bomb of deliciousness explodes in your mouth. It was the kind of cake that made you go back for a second slice, no shame in your game. Plus, snapping pics with it was a must because if you didn’t post it, did it even happen? This cake didn’t just end the night on a sweet note; it was like the cherry on top of an already unforgettable day.

Meet the Squad – The Amazing Models

Big shoutout to the squad that brought all the vibes and then some! Our girl Jaz totally rocked the bride role, looking all kinds of gorgeous in that bridal mini. And the guest crew – Georgia, Alex, Gracie, and Amanda? These ladies didn’t just wear their outfits; they owned them, bringing that extra sparkle to every shot. Watching them strut around, you could really feel the friendship and joy radiating off them. It’s like they were made for this moment, each one adding their own unique flavor to the mix. They weren’t just models; they were the heart and soul of the party, showing us all how it’s done. Cheers to these beauties for lighting up the scene and making every moment picture-perfect. 🌟


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