Love Blooms in Every Season

Are you gearing up for some autumn inspiration? Regional Victoria is lucky enough to experience all the seasons, and as the leaves began to turn orange, we headed out to Chateau Dore to explore how you can infuse the seasons into your wedding day look, and take a closer look at some fun local options to leave lasting memories of the best day ever – for both you and your guests.

Hannah’s Look
When we’re talking about making those heads turn on your wedding day, your hair and makeup game needs to be on point. And yes, every season offers a unique palette and vibe to play with. So, whether you’re a spring blossom, a summer sunbeam, a fall ember, or a winter snowflake, your hair stylist and makeup artist know just how to tie your look together!

A rich lip color for Hannah with a smokey eye added just the right amount of drama. Her elegant updo, paired with curls framing her face screamed, “I’m a fall fantasy”, and we were all about it.

Hannah was autumn elegance personified in her strapless gown with detachable sleeves. Don’t get us started on the versatility – perfect for those chilly evening receptions or a sunny afternoon ceremony. Paired with her dreamy bouquet of local seasonal blooms, Hannah’s look was all about embracing the beauty of the season, making it super easy to switch up the vibe without missing a beat. It’s pretty genius, making sure you’re ready for whatever the Bendigo weather throws your way, all while looking effortlessly fabulous.

Remember, no matter the season, your bridal beauty look is all about celebrating YOU. So play around, have fun, and let your natural beauty shine through, accented perfectly by the season you’ve chosen to say your “I dos.” Let’s make every head turn and every heart flutter as you walk down that aisle.

The Perfect Touches
Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of those perfect little details that’ll make your wedding pop! We’re talking about those cool additions that’ll have your guests buzzing about your big day long after it’s over.

Think of your signage as the opening act. It’s the first thing your guests see, setting the tone and getting everyone hyped. Go for something that screams ‘you’. Whether it’s quirky, elegant, or downright funky, make it a focal point. And trust, a cool sign isn’t just informative; it’s a prime spot for those Insta-worthy pics.

And hey, why not make those decorations work double duty? We’re a broken record for how much we love a photobooth decked out with accessories, and polaroids that your guests can take home and pop on the fridge. It’s not just a killer photo op; it’s a blast of fun for everyone. Or maybe your style is more disposable camera or retro audio guestbook. Picture this: your friends and fam sharing their love and well-wishes, but with a seasonal twist. Maybe they’re sharing what they love most about the season you’re getting married in or a favorite memory with you that fits the vibe. It’s personal, it’s unique, and honestly, it’s just plain fun.

Then, there’s the cake. Oh, the glorious cake! A classic tiered beauty is always on point, but why not mix it up? Ever thought about a cake smash? Ditching some traditions can be a blast, and diving face-first into a delicious cake can be a hilarious, memorable moment for you and your partner. It’s all about having fun and making your day feel as authentic and joy-filled as possible. Speaking of fun twists and food, have you thought about a food truck? Some paella and Churros will keep your guests both full and wanting more!

And if you’ve got a thing for wheels, why not make your ride part of the day’s photo shoot? It’s not just about getting from point A to point B; it’s about making those moments memorable and snap-worthy. Plus, especially if you’re car people, it adds a whole lotta personality to your wedding album.

Remember, it’s all about making the space feel like your season. So, go on, sprinkle your big day with these perfect touches that showcase your unique style and love story. After all, it’s those little details that stitch together the unforgettable moments of your wedding day that leave your guests talking for years. Your wedding decor is like the backdrop to your love story – make it as beautiful, unique, and seasonal as you like!


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