Picture Perfect: Exploring the Grounds of Ravenswood Homestead

The Stables of Ravenswood Homestead are often utilized as a reception space, but if you don’t want to take a chance on mother nature spoiling your plans, an indoor ceremony space might just be perfect for you. Take a look as we show you just how an indoor ceremony space and an outdoor adventure can create the perfect wedding album

Completing the look

Georgia was dressed in an exquisite gown designed by none other than local designer and seamstress Hayley Maree Bridal. The ‘Juliet’ dress combined tulle, feathers and crystal beading to create an exquisitely modern take on classic elegance.
Liv from Bendigo Salon Beautique chose to style Georgia’s long hair in a classic ponytail: “Georgia had such stunning facial features, so keeping her hair off her face so that focus could be on THAT dress and her beautiful eyes was a no brainer.” Side and back views of Georgia showed off the elegant waves in the ponytail, to create a breathtaking bride, whichever angle you saw her from!

Blume Beauty’s Abbi used soft bronzes and light shimmers to achieve a soft glam makeup look, with a timeless elegance to tie in with Georgia’s dress and hairstyle.

And let’s not forget the accessories. For that extra touch of sass, we had Georgia don a Pearl infused denim jacket and white heart sunglasses from That Classy Gal as she roamed the grounds with Ash. Not only do they add a touch of fun, they also showed off Georgia’s fun loving side.

Finally, the bouquet of greenery from Pemberley of Malmsbury completed the look. With its lush leaves and natural textures, it perfectly complemented Georgia’s gown and the rustic surroundings of Ravenswood Homestead.

With the perfect dress, flawless makeup and hair, and gorgeous accessories, Georgia was ready to shine. Georgia gave us a rundown on how everything felt:

“My whole aesthetic and look made me feel so elegant and natural with the hair makeup and dress all tied together. For me makeup is a very big confidence booster and the makeup had a real natural yet chic appearance and made me feel so beautiful and gave a real glow to my natural appearance. I’ve always been told my hair is one of my greatest features and by having it in the gorgeous slick pony tail I wasn’t able to worry if there was a price of hair sticking to my lipstick (we’ve all been there) whilst I was living my wedding dreams with my groom. And to tie it all together my dress was an absolute dream come true. Every girl wants to feel like a princess when they get married and with the off the shoulder long tule train made me feel exactly that. All round I was able to live the fantasy of actually getting married whilst feeling so special and the most beautiful I’ve ever felt”

Inside the stables

As soon as you step inside the stables of Ravenswood Homestead, you can feel the enchanting atmosphere of the space.  Bendigo Backdrops Luxe range created a stunning colour combination of white and sage that, along with their signage, was the perfect backdrop against the beautiful stone walls of the stables. Their faux florals paired with candles gave the space a romantic feel, and a beautiful setting for a ceremony. The icing on the cake for the atmosphere being the acoustic serenade of our couple by none other than Mikala McNeill Music, whose sweet voice can be likened to that of a songbird.

Atop the plinths in the second part of Bendigo Backdrops’ display sat and old school landline-esque telephone provided by the Guestbook Hotline, which provided a perfect space for guests to leave their voice messages of love and heartfelt messages. It was also an excellent opportunity for some cheeky advice and reminders of the good times shared with the couple. This adds a fun and memorable element to the day, making it even more special for everyone involved.

The Scenic Beauty of the Grounds

Moving away from the stables of Ravenswood Homestead, it’s hard not to be blown away by the stunning landscapes.

Modern Love Style Co’s caravan bar was some fun worth toasting to. And why should your guests be the only ones to enjoy the quirky fun of a cocktail from a caravan? Grab your drink of choice, and hit your couples session in style.

Greeted by Heather and Connor, the Highland cows of Ravenswood, Ash and Georgia made their way around the Grounds of Ravenswood Homestead, but not before sampling some of the delicious flavours that MQ Gelato bar has on offer – what a refreshing idea for your guests in your canapes hour!

As we made our way back towards the main house, we were serenaded by the beautiful acoustic music of Mikala McNeill. It was the perfect touch to set the romantic mood.

We enlisted the help of none other than Journey By Light Photography to bring this concept to life, and its clear to see his eye for weddings and landscapes combined in this setting perfectly. Love Wilder on Video was a no brainer, with their passion for adventurous weddings and capturing every moment, from the stolen glances to the laugh out loud shenanigans 

Whether you’re looking for a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, the stables of Ravenswood Homestead are sure to leave a lasting impression. And you just need to take a look at the photos and videos to pick you’re A-Team to help you bring it to life.


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