Guestbook Hotline

Imagine this: your guests pick up your Guestbook Hotline phone, but instead of just signing their names, they leave you the most heartfelt and hilarious voice messages.
You’ll Laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll say awwwww. Play them on repeat whenever you need a wedding day nostalgia hit.

★★★★★“Best choice we made for our wedding” Mala & Andrew
★★★★★“The phone made the night, people are still talking about it and what a great idea it was.” Erin & Matt
★★★★★“Absolutely loved it!! And so did our guests. Lots of laughs and happy tears. Thank you Guestbook Hotline team!” The Knights

Why you’ll love Guestbook Hotline
No boundaries, no restrictions: Guestbook Hotlines don’t need WiFi, electricity, or phone service so you can set them up anywhere, even in the middle of a paddock on a farm.
These phones are mobile: Move your Guestbook Hotline from the ceremony to cocktail hour, then roll it effortlessly to the reception, dance floor, and even the recovery party the next day.
Endless laughter, endless memories: With enough room for thousands of minutes of messages, your guests can unleash their shenanigans all night long.
Foolproof fun: Each Guestbook Hotline comes with a sign featuring prompts, ensuring even your most clueless friends won’t miss out on the fun.
Vinyl vibes: Want to take your wedding keepsake to the next level? We’ll press your messages onto a special, one-of-a-kind personalised vinyl. It’s the soundtrack to the best night of your life.
Party beyond borders: We get it, not everyone can physically join the celebration. That’s why we offer Virtual Hotlines, allowing your special people who couldn’t make it to call in from any phone and leave their messages from afar.

Located in Bendigo, Victoria
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