Ange + Dan


Right from the get-go, Ange and Dan knew they wanted their wedding to be a garden dream. With no other pre-requisites other than being dog friendly, choosing Mount Macedon Winery felt like fate. Bonus: it’s one of Dan’s favorite hiking spots!

Their fur babies were never going to miss out on the big day, obviously. They proudly strutted their stuff as the ring boy and flower girl, stealing hearts left and right.

Rustic-modern was the vibe Ange and Dan were after, both in setting and décor. But above all, they just wanted a big, fun bash with their favorite people. It was all about creating a day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

Remembering those who couldn’t be there was incredibly important. A memorial table honored lost loved ones, while a ‘reserved’ seat for the bride’s late father held pride of place during the ceremony. It was a touching tribute and one of their favorite decisions.

Their wedding wasn’t just about them; it was about sharing their joy with everyone around them. It was a day of happiness, love, and cherished memories, making it a wedding to remember for all the right reasons.

How did they meet?

Ange and Dan’s story began on Grand Final day in 2018, at their friends Kate and Dale’s place (Dale later became the Best Man). Who would’ve thought that five years later, they’d be tying the knot on the same date with Kate and Dale by their side?

Their first “meeting” was more like a casual introduction, thanks to Kate and Dale. Dan was the quiet one, asking a few questions here and there, while Ange couldn’t shake the feeling that Dan was always nearby, whether she was inside or outside the house—Dan still denies this, but we’ll never know for sure!

At the end of the night, Ange pulled a classic Cinderella move and left the party without saying goodbye to Dan. But thanks to Facebook Messenger, Dan was able to reach out and friend her. Just five days later, they had their first date on a Thursday night, followed by a second date the next day—Dan had even locked in this second date before their first one had happened, talk about optimism!

Their second date included a pub outing with Ange’s friends, a sort of meet-and-greet/undercover vetting session. Luckily, Dan passed with flying colors! And from that moment on, their love story began to unfold, leading them to this exciting moment, ready to say their vows surrounded by those who mean the most to them.

The proposal story.

The lead-up to the proposal was a bit of a rollercoaster for Ange. She had a hunch that Dan was planning something, especially since they had designed the engagement ring together with JM Leech, incorporating her grandmother’s diamond. However, the timing remained a mystery.

Between March and April, Ange was on high alert, considering their birthdays fell within two weeks of each other. But as the birthdays came and went without a proposal, she started to wonder when it might happen.

Then, one random day in May, Dan suggested dinner at their favorite spot, the Woodhouse. Ange had a small inkling that he might pop the question there, but dinner ended without any grand gestures.

Back home and getting ready for bed, Ange walked into their bedroom to find Dan standing there with the ring in hand. “So, will you marry me?” he asked. Despite the unconventional timing and location (she was in her pajama pants!), Ange said yes, and they shared a laugh about the unexpected moment.

It turned out, Dan had the ring in his pocket during dinner but felt too shy to propose in the crowded restaurant. Instead, he waited for a more private and intimate moment at home.

While they didn’t get a free champagne or dessert, Ange can attest that Dan’s proposal was perfectly him—unexpected, sweet, and full of love.

Fav part of the day?

When asked about their favorite part of the wedding, Ange and Dan couldn’t help but laugh. “Geez, what a question!”  For Ange, it was the moment she walked down the aisle and saw Dan for the first time. Despite feeling a mix of overwhelming happiness and complete anxiety, she treasures that moment of reuniting with him after not seeing or talking to him all day (since they opted out of a first look). The sight of Dan brought an immediate sense of calm over her, easing her nerves and setting the tone for the rest of the day.

Another highlight was their first dance, which they had spent hours perfecting in dance lessons. Ange recalls the satisfaction of nailing the dance and how it felt like their hard work had truly paid off. The icing on the cake was the surprise on Dan’s family’s faces, as they hadn’t expected him to pull off such a polished performance. Dan danced without breaking a sweat, much to everyone’s amazement and delight.

Advice for couples planning their wedding.

“If you are doing ANY DIY projects for your wedding (invites, signage, place cards, centrepieces, etc) start planning them as early as possible. Find your Pinterest info, start buying your supplies, do a mock up of how you want things and then start crafting early. It will save you so much stress and anxiety as the wedding gets closer. Use the ‘wedding planning lull’ to your advantage! I found this came after booking all our ‘big ticket vendors’ up until around 6-9 months before the wedding date. You kind of think ‘well that was easy – now what?’ – USE the time to start planning for all the little things. If you have your DIY handled then you won’t feel so overwhelmed when you start getting hit with vendor questionnaire, confirmation requests, final meetings, etc as the wedding draws nearer. There is no such thing as ‘too early’ to start in your projects – make the envelopes, buy the cardstock, source the paint and get things rolling.

Also some words of wisdom from one of my amazing vendors (thanks Jim) – this is YOUR wedding day – do what YOU want to do. There is no set way things have to run – if you want your drink bottle at the altar coz you’re gonna get dry mouth by the time you get to the vows then you go ahead and have your drink bottle! If you need a 5 minute break from photos to take a moment – you take your damn moment!”

How did Culture Hitch help?

“The Culture Hitch website helped us narrow down our list of ideal vendors in our local area and then we could make enquirers from there. Starting the wedding planning process can be a bit daunting so having the culture hitch website give us a starting point was super helpful!”

Tell us about your vendors!

“Honestly I don’t know where to start! I can’t name and describe the amazing work of all our vendors as this will be a very very long response, but all of our vendors were absolutely amazing. They know what to do, when to do it and are just so well versed and experienced in weddings we didn’t have to worry about a thing on the day. Everyone just understood what we were going for on our big day and absolutely made it magic!”


Photographer |

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Florist |

The Eternal Vase, Melbourne Event Florals

Ceremony Venue |

Mount Macedon Winery

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Mount Macedon Winery

Bridal Apparel |

Always & Forever Bridal

Bridesmaid Apparel |

Grooms Apparel |

Joe Paul Menswear

Hair Styling |

Make Up Artistry |

Rings/Jewellery |

JM Leech

Caterer/s |

Mount Macedon Winery

Bar Service |

Mount Macedon Winery

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Knot Music

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Transport |

O’Reilly’s Coaches

Other Secret Weapons |

Pet Carers Bendigo, Bec ‘The Wedding Painter’

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