Trent + Zac


Step into the enchanting gardens of Chateau Dore, where Trent and Zac’s dream day came to life. They had some must-haves on their checklist that were non-negotiables, the heart and soul of their celebration. Once these details were locked in, they let the rest of their day dance around them. Picture this: pops of bright colors, florals that could steal your breath, and an atmosphere buzzing with the energy of the best day ever.

Trent and Zac didn’t just plan a wedding; they crafted an experience where every detail felt like a warm conversation between their love story and the celebration unfolding around them. You can read more about how their wedding day details in this year’s Culture Hitch magazine, but enjoy their highlight reel below!

How did they meet?

the best modern love story: Zac and Trent’s paths first crossed in the digital realm back in 2017. In the virtual world, where sparks can fly through screens, it was love at first sight.

Sometimes, the most magical connections can be sparked with just a few keystrokes!

The proposal story.


In the early months of 2022, Trent orchestrated a surprise that would forever be etched in the chapters of their love story. The dreamy Tasmania became the backdrop for an unforgettable weekend. Here’s the twist: while soaring through the skies on the way to the island, Trent discovered Zac’s small fear of flying. A minor hiccup, considering the grand plan Trent had in store.

Upon landing, a private sea plane awaited them, ready to whisk them away to a secluded beach. Picture this: a romantic picnic, a leisurely walk, and the sea whispering secrets in the background. Amidst the beauty of nature, Trent seized the perfect moment, got down on one knee, and posed the question that would change their lives forever. And what was Zac’s response? A clear and resounding “yes.” Love, surprises, and a touch of adventure—this proposal was nothing short of a fairy tale taking flight.

Fav part of the day?

“There wasn’t a part of the day that wasn’t amazing however the standout really was Liv and the flowers. When I walked into the reception venue before the ceremony I almost cried with how
beautifully styled it was. There aren’t enough words to describe her talent”

Advice for couples planning their wedding.

First up, trust your vendors like they’re the fairy godparents of your big day. These folks are pros—they live and breathe weddings. Don’t hesitate to tap into their wealth of experience and talent; they can turn your dreams into a reality that exceeds even your wildest imagination.

Now, about budgets. Sure, they’re important, but Trent and Zac will be the first to tell you: if there’s something you really want, just go for it! Get creative with compromises in other areas if needed. Trust them; you won’t regret it.

And here’s a slice of reality-infused wisdom: let things fall into place. With under 12 months to plan, Trent and Zac had to navigate a few bumps in the road. But guess what? Everything happened for a reason. Reflecting on the past year, they can confidently say that every person and every detail was there for a reason. The result? A seamlessly woven tapestry of love, joy, and unforgettable moments. So, future couples, take a leaf from Trent and Zac’s book—trust, be a little fearless with your dreams, and let the magic unfold.

How did Culture Hitch help?

“When planning our wedding I had done some googling of wedding vendors in Bendigo and came across Culture Hitch. I had a look through, mainly as celebrants and florists and this is where I came across the incredible Pemberley of Malmsbury and reached out from there.”

Tell us about your vendors!

We were so fortunate to have the vendors that we had create our wedding.

Kerrie Grossman – Kerrie was so lovely and easy to work with. So happy to meet with us as
much or as many times as we needed.

Liv from Pemberley of Malmsbury – The most creative, artistic and lovely woman to work with. I had seen a picture of a bouquet she had made and fell in love. I sent her the image and said this but more autumnal colours and basically do what you like. She did not disappoint!!!

Jim of Justin & Jim – An awesome human who was so relaxed and easy to plan our photography with. On the day of the wedding he just slipped into the crowd. You wouldn’t have even known he was there. From the samples we have seen he caught some phenomenal shots. He just made it so warm and inviting at every step along the way.

Jake of Jake Turner Wedding Musician – LEGEND! Honestly this guy made our day flow so smoothly. From the beautiful ceremony to his beautiful acoustic cocktail hour set and then
the brilliant DJ work oh and to top it off he was also our MC he really set the incredible vibe for our day. During the night he was out on the dancefloor partying away and it made it feel like he was one of our guests.

Nicole from Chateau Dore – Nicole is the loveliest and most organised woman I have met!
Nicole has seen so many weddings at her venue and knows exactly how to make it perfect but she was also so excited when we had different ideas for how we wanted to set out the ceremony and was eager to see our dream come to life.

Heath and Amber from Heath Lyons jewellers – Both Heath and Amber were so fantastic to work with to create our engagement and wedding rings. Such a wealth of experience and you can feel it when you speak to them. Their passion shows in every piece they design and make.

Georgia from Culture Hitch – one of our guests had seen the swing in photos from other weddings and wanted to hire it for our wedding as a wedding gift. Georgia was so relaxed and easy to speak to. The ease of her set up and pack up for the wedding was so great and follow up after the wedding was so lovely.


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Heath Lyons Jeweller

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Kerrie Grossman

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The personalised Factory
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