Tara + Hugh


We had planned a rustic, romantic wedding in October 2020. Despite a pandemic, a change of date, and cutting our guest list down to 10 – we still had the romantic, rustic wedding we imagined, with lots of flowers, sunshine, family, and a delicious afternoon tea.

How did they meet?

Hugh and Tara matched on tinder in 2017 – and a young, party driven Tara was served by handsome Hugh in a bottle shop at Christmas time, where she recognised him and made it her mission to stalk him down, and find him on social media whilst a little under the influence of the alcohol he had sold her.

Tara: “I’m not proud to admit my psychotic and slighty stalkerish habits, but yes I did stalk my husband down on social media – but it worked – we’re married now.”


The proposal story.

Tara remembers it like it was yesterday:

“Hugh had invited me for an afternoon tea in Daylesford, in June 2019. It wasn’t unusual to go out on day trips, so I didn’t think much of it. We packed the car, grabbed our dog Sammy, and headed to Daylesford.
Our dog Sammy loved to bark and chase the swans at the Lake, which made for a not-so-romantic vibe. The romance was at an all time low, as trying to enjoy our lunch was ruined due to trying to stop Sammy from being a menace.

We decided that sitting down for a picnic was just not going to happen, so we decided to go for a walk around Lake Daylesford. Around the back of the Lake, Hugh had taken me down a walking track which came to a small clearing. As I was a few steps ahead, I turned around to find him and Sammy down on one knee – ring in hand, asking me to marry him. I burst into tears, and despite it not working out how Hugh had planned – our proposal was perfect for us. The right balance of planning and perfect chaos.”

Fav part of the day?

Tara’s favourite part of our wedding day, was the timeĀ  spent together as a blended family getting ready together before our ceremony. As restirctions were rife, they were only allowed to have 10 guests, so immediate family was with them in Castlemaine, where they all had lunch and got ready together. “It was such a nice time, painting our nails, shining our shoes, all whilst having cheese and biscuits together.”

Advice for couples planning their wedding.

As easy as it is to say – ‘don’t worry about the small stuff’ – really, don’t worry about it. Do what you want to do on your day, the way you want to do it, with those you want around you.

How did Culture Hitch help?

“We found Culture Hitch to be so useful when trying to source local Vendors. Google can be an endless pit of companies, businesses and inspiration – which is GREAT – until your bride and groom brain turns to mush and it all blends into one. It was beyond helpful to have everything in one spot, on one website, just a click away.”

Tell us about your vendors!

“All our wedding vendors truly went above and beyond for us. Due to the decrease in guests, Hugh and I were originally deflated and upset about how our wedding day was going to happen. We spoke to all our vendors – who truly helped us believe that this would be our most perfect day, and it was”


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