Max & Kyra


Max and Kyras wedding was on a beautiful Autumn’s day in April which set the tone for their relaxed and rustic/boho themed ceremony. They wanted their closest friends and family to enjoy good music and amazing food!

Their ceremony was on the front lawn of the Bendigo Pottery and decorated with mostly DIY decor and a beautiful arch from Eternal Vase. Max & Kyra wanted to be involved as much as they could with planning and setting up, so they put their skills to good use restoring some old furniture and sourced most of the ceremony/reception decor themselves.

Following along their rustic/boho theme, Leah from Lead Ladson Photography lead Max and Kyra, along with their bridal party, to take photos around the grounds of the Bendigo Pottery. The reception continued the relaxed theme with a roast buffet, lolly and dessert bar, polaroid photo booth and music on a Spotify playlist that guests could control later in the night!

In Kyras words; “one of the memorable parts of our day was when we had finished our sunset shots with Leah and watched our guests mingle on the front lawn. We felt so incredibly lucky to have the most wonderful people with us to share in what was the best day of our lives.”


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