Langley Estate


Langley Estate, Bendigo is an iconic Australian Federation-era estate on 2.5 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens in Victoria’s spectacular and historic Goldfields region. 90 minutes from Melbourne Airport, the 1904 Langley Hall mansion is ‘arguably Bendigo and the surrounding district’s grandest residential property and one of the city’s most admired historic landmarks.’ Langley Estate is conveniently located only five minutes straight up the Midland Highway (A300) from Pall Mall in the heart of Bendigo’s historic CBD.

Surrounded by 2.5 acres of magnificent gardens, Langley Hall is one of the most beautiful Federation-era mansions in Australia. It is a treasured example of an Australian stately home in the uniquely Australian ‘Federation’ architectural style. It exudes the well-known ‘Langley Magic’: that enchanting atmosphere only relaxing spaces within superbly designed surroundings can give.

Guests delight in the fact that Langley Hall remains intact on its grand estate surrounded by extensive gardens complete with fountains and sun-drenched courtyards. These provide the opportunity for guests to enjoy areas of quiet relaxation, just as they were designed to do in 1904. There’s even a giant chess set and, conveniently, ample onsite parking!

Langley Estate gives you a location for your wedding ceremony and photography unlike anything else in Victoria’s historic Goldfields region. You, too, can become a part of the history of this magical place.

If the weather is perfect – which it usually is! – you can choose the photogenic exterior of the 1904 Langley Hall mansion as the perfect backdrop for both your ceremony and your photography in the gardens.

If the weather turns and it’s suddenly raining at the last minute (and, after all, that’s good luck!), there’s the character-filled 1873 Lauriston Chapel available for your use. You don’t have to worry about your guests, or the bridal party, being drenched in a park!

And please note although the Lauriston Chapel was originally built in 1873 as All Saints’ Church in Lauriston (near Kyneton) and was used as a church until 1931, it is no longer a ‘consecrated’, or ‘religious’, building as such. The historic 1873 ‘Carpenter Gothic’ timber building was moved to Langley to be used as a kindergarten in 1932.

The locations for photography both inside and outside are limitless: the 1904 Grand Staircase, Drawing Room or Entrance Hall, the 1873 Chapel, the fountains, courtyards, or the giant chess set – there will be a memorable place for your special photos.

Langley Estate is available for wedding ceremonies and photography only. Langley gives you the perfect start to your special day before you and your guests enjoy your reception in one of the Bendigo region’s many outstanding reception venues.

Please note that all buildings on the Langley Estate – over 50 rooms across Langley Hall, Langley Manor and the Lauriston Chapel – are heated and air-conditioned to ensure your personal comfort all year round!

Located in Bendigo, Victoria
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