Country Mile Photography

Who am I? I’m Jamie, your laid back, best friend Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer. I’m a country boy (and absolute goofball) at heart. I’m a family man who loves living in the moment and making the most of everyday adventures – there’s always an ouchie to be kissed better, a four legged friend waiting to be pat, a craft beer to be downed, and a photo to be snapped. I love capturing the real, unfiltered love that makes you and your loved ones smile a silly smile.

Your love story is just that – yours, and yours only. While I can’t magically rewind or stop the clock (as much as I would like to!!) what I can do is be there for the little moments for you to remember forever. No matter what, your memories will always be safe with me.

That’s my pinky-promise to you.

Located in Kilmore, Vic
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