A Fairytale Romance at Chateau Dore

Nestled in the heart of Mandurang, Chateau Dore stands as a timeless witness to love’s most intimate moments. Against this backdrop of history and elegance, a group of talented Culture Hitch suppliers gathered to redefine the narrative of romance. The vision was clear: to showcase both the grandeur and intimacy that Chateau Dore could offer, with a focus on whimsy, romance, and texture. Kimberley Moore Media brought cinematic expertise to the shoot, capturing every moment with a keen eye for detail and emotion. Whites and Woods, the photographers, showcased timeless and exquisite skills, immortalizing the beauty of the day in every frame. Together, they created a visual masterpiece that celebrated love in its purest form, demonstrating that a wedding with a guestlist of 40 at Chateau Dore could be as grand and enchanting as one of 140.

The stone walls of Chateau Dore whispered stories of old, while the blooming lavender added a touch of freshness and charm. This collaboration was a testament to the fact that, even with a smaller guest list, a venue like Chateau Dore could provide sophistication and charm in abundance. Every detail, from the textures of the walls to the fragrance of the lavender, was considered, to create an aesthetic that was both timeless and refreshing.

Loz from Atelier Creative wove together whimsy and sophistication, creating a floral masterpiece that enhanced the natural charm of the surroundings. Using seasonal blooms, Atelier Creative designed an aesthetic that not only inspired future autumn couples but also provided a blueprint for their own special day. Carefully selected tulips, cosmos, dahlias, calla lilies, hydrangeas, and garden roses complemented the lavender surrounding the Chateau, making a statement that was both captivating and intimately romantic. This thoughtful curation ensured that the bridal bouquet and tableau were not just beautiful but also a testament to the enduring beauty of love, captured in soft, romantic textures and colors.

The bride, Danni (or Charlotte), epitomized timeless elegance, thanks to the talents of Hairfolk and Ashley Morales, whose artistry in hair and makeup enhanced her natural beauty. Her strapless gown from Fifi and Edga was a masterpiece that perfectly married the whimsical and romantic themes of the day, adorned with intricate textures that highlighted her beauty.

Capturing the serene interlude of signing the marriage registry, Celebrations with Steph immortalized the newlyweds’ promise on bespoke stationery designed by Atelier Creative. This personal touch added intimacy and significance to the ceremony, marking the beginning of their journey together in a beautiful and memorable way.

The party kept going with a fun touch as a champagne tower, expertly crafted by Modern Love, stole the spotlight among Atelier’s stunning floral arrangements. This setup was all about celebrating the moment, inviting guests to dive into the joy and create memories as bubbly and delightful as the champagne itself. It was a picture-perfect scene that captured the heart of the celebration, proving that some traditions, like a champagne tower, only get better with time.

The whimsy extended to the desserts, with Little Sangria’s heart-shaped churros adding a sweet touch to the day. Each bite was a fusion of charm and flair, perfectly complementing the romantic ambiance of the celebration and ensuring that every aspect of the wedding was imbued with love and magic. This shoot was more than just a display of beauty; it was a celebration of love in its purest form. It was about inspiring couples to dream big, regardless of the size of their guest list.


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