If you’re knee-deep in wedding planning or just love looking at pretty pictures, this blog post is for you! We’re diving into a styled wedding photoshoot that took place at the stunning Chateau Dore in Mandurang. Get ready to be inspired by the talented local suppliers who came together to create some serious magic. Sophie Okeefe was snapping those oh-so-pretty pics, and Kimberley Moore Media got all the feels on video, making sure not a single dreamy moment was missed. Let’s jump right in!

Venue Vibes: Chateau Dore’s Charm

Chateau Dore is like stepping into your own personal fairytale – no joke. This place has got the whole package: those stunning gardens that look like they’ve been ripped right outta a romance novel, and the architecture? Straight-up breathtaking. It’s the kind of spot that makes you feel all the luxury and sophistication without even trying. Imagine tying the knot surrounded by all that beauty – don’t forget that your venue is part of your squad, making sure every photo is frame-worthy. Whether you want to feel like royalty for a day or just snag some seriously dreamy vibes for your “I dos,” Chateau Dore is where it’s at.

Styling Tips & Tricks from the Shoot

Alright, let’s dive into the juicy deets on how to nail that dreamy look. First off, the gown from Fifi & Edga was nothing short of ethereal – talk about making an entrance! If you wanna feel like a fairytale princess without looking too Disney, keep an eye out for something flowy and fab like this – two piece? Yes please! The floral game was strong too, thanks to the stunning Bouquet crafted by Atelier Creative.

Now, onto the glam squad. Beautique Bendigo and Blume Beauty showed us that the secret sauce to looking like a goddess is nailing that glowy, natural makeup look. Think soft, rosy cheeks and a dewy finish that’ll make you look like you’re always bathed in golden hour light. And hair? We’re loving the bow, and effortless glam.

Can’t forget about those little extras that tie everything together. The personalised jacket and accessories from That Classy Gal were the cherry on top – a little sparkle here, a delicate touch there, and bam, you’re not just dressed, you’re adorned.

Take these tips and twist ’em to fit your vibe. Whether it’s a fairytale romance or modern love story you’re after, mix, match, and make it yours.

Must-Have Shots for Your Wedding Album

If you’re looking at just how to make your wedding album pop- you’ve gotta have those shots that’ll make you stop and say, “Wow, did we really pull that off?” Take a leaf out of the styled shoot book and make sure your photog captures the magic of your dress, those gorgeous blooms in your bouquet, and the bling from your accessories. Picture this: a cozy lounge spot under the autumn leaves like what Modern Love whipped up, giving off those chill vibes for some candid snaps with your squad or your boo. And when it comes to that champagne tower moment – honestly, what says ‘celebration’ better than bubbly pouring like a waterfall? Think of these shots as the secret ingredients to an album that’s not just pictures, but a storybook of your epic day.

From Styled Shoot to Your Big Day

Alright, so we’ve been all over this gorgeous styled shoot, soaking up every bit of inspo like it’s our job (because, let’s be real, it kinda is). Now, it’s time to switch gears and think about how you’re gonna take all that fairytale goodness and sprinkle it into your own wedding day. I mean, those Chateau Dore vibes? Unreal. But remember, this isn’t about copy-paste. Nah, it’s about grabbing what makes your heart skip a beat and weaving it into your love story.

Think of it like your fav recipe. You might follow it to the letter the first time, but then you start adding your own flair. Extra spice here, a little less sugar there, until it’s 100% you. Same goes for these wedding plans. Maybe it’s the stunning bouquet that caught your eye, or how about recreating that chill lounge vibe for your guests to kick back in? Whatever it is, grab those elements and make ’em yours.

And hey, don’t stress about making everything picture-perfect. What you see here? Pure inspiration. Your day is gonna be filled with real laughs, happy tears, and maybe a few hiccups along the way (because.. life). But that’s what makes it memorable. So take a deep breath, pick what you love, and create a day that feels like home. After all, this is about celebrating you and your boo saying “heck yes” to forever. And if that isn’t magic, we don’t know what is. Cheers to making it uniquely, beautifully yours.


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