The Complete Wedding Planner

In 2020 when founder Sophie got engaged, she struggled to find a planner that made her feel unique in her experience as a Victorian bride. Most planners were either Americanised or they didn’t include all the planning prompts she was looking for. Several months and a few DIY copies later, the first official edition of the planner was born – one specially made for South West Victorian couples.

After the success of the first planner, Sophie teamed up with Culture Hitch to create a planner specifically for the Bendigo and surrounding areas. The Central Vic edition includes local vendors, with local advice, locally targeted check lists that take into consideration when your vendors book out and local love advice from local newlyweds!

Not only are our planners specially designed for Australian, South West Victoria and Central Victoria couples, they’re also for all couples. All gendered terminology has been removed to ensure that all couples are able to utilise the planner regardless of who they love or who they are.

If printed planners are not your jam, our comprehensive Wedding Planning Spreadsheet is full of all the wedding planning prompts you need. One of the best bits, it can be used on multiple devices by multiple users through your Google Drive platform.

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