Deus Sax

Sure, you are probably used to the acoustic guitar and one voice (two if you are lucky) singing your friend or family member down the aisle.
We still love doing this, and it’s a big part of what we offer.
Have you ever watched a sax player go crazy on the dance floor with everyone from your nephew to your grandma getting involved in a conga line while Mr. Saxobeat is playing?
Well guess what, it goes off!!!

Seriously though, this is what we offer:
Acoustic Duo – Pop covers ranging from chill & indie to classic fun singalongs, accompanied by guitar & two voices.

DJ/Sax – Not just another DJ, because it’s accompanied (on the dance floor) by the energetic dance moves and funky sounds of the saxamaphone.

Equipment – We provide professional speakers, cables, lights, and a bar to ensure there are no technical difficulties or eyesores for the event.

Flexibility – We love creating “never done before” moments at weddings. If you do have a request then we would love to try and work with that idea to bring it into fruition. This includes using the saxophone for ceremonies (who said Kenny G?) and the guitar during a DJ set (did someone say Wonderwall?).

Easy Communication & Planning – Harry is the only person you will need to talk with from the initial enquiry to the musician performing on the day. If you want to bring other musicians along for the ride then I would love to work with them to create unique & special moments.

We cannot wait to hear your story as a couple and your vision for the special day,
Harry & Keesh

Located in Bendigo, Victoria
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