Bendigo Brittle

You just can’t find Peanut Brittle in stores anymore, and there’s something about the nostalgia around something that your aunt or your nanna used to make when you were a kid that leaves a soft spot in everyone’s hearts!

You’ve surely heard of Bendigo Brittle – these locals have established a strong following as Greta, and a small team of employees, offer her sweet treats from a distinctive cart at creative, artisan and farmers’ markets around the Bendigo and central Victorian region.

After countless requests, and much to our delight, they now offer Bonbonniere sized Brittle options – perfect for you to offer to your guests as a tasty treat made here in Bendigo, with Australian sourced ingredients.

Bendigo Brittle offers countless options other than just their 50g wedding favour packs, including a 100g and 200g Peanut Brittle pack, a 400g Peanut Brittle pack, a 1kg Peanut Brittle pack, a 100g Macadamia Brittle (luxury) pack, a 100g Cashew Brittle (luxury) pack, a 100g Almond Brittle (luxury) pack, plus a 100g and a 200g Vegan Peanut Brittle pack.

Get in touch with Greta and her team to talk all about your wedding today!

Located in Bendigo, Victoria
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