Alisa Melhuish

For over a decade I have been living my dream as a marriage Celebrant, marrying couples all over
Australia. I love to tell people I became a marriage celebrant because I wanted to be the lead singer
of a band, but unfortunately, I cannot sing, so this is the next best thing is being a Celebrant with a
microphone, audience, and cool outfits. In reality, I have spent my whole life working in Hospitality,
so becoming a Marriage Celebrant was the perfect way to blend my unique skills with my passion for
people and performing.

I will be there for you every step of the way from our first meeting to the big day. On the day I will
hold your hand, keep you calm, fix your tie, hug your Nan and most of all be whatever you need me
to be to make your day wonderful.

And my hot tip; surround yourself with professionals on your day, from your photographer to your
florist, and of course your Celebrant, we will work together, plan 10 steps ahead, and know how to
handle any situation without missing a beat to make sure you have the best day ever!

I can’t wait to meet you x

Located in Kyabram, Victoria
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